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Other Kepware Products and Services

Kepware offers other products to compliment their KepServerEX v5 Product offering.

ClientAce provides simple-to-use tools for developers wanting to build an OPC client application. With powerful drag-and-drop controls or a full API, you can quickly OPC client-enable your .NET applications.
LinkMaster has the capabilities of both a "server" and a "client" application, allowing it to access, collect, organize, and link data from multiple OPC servers with built-in scaling, user-access manager, error tracking, and write optimization capabilities.
RedundancyMaster increases the reliability and availability of OPC data by allowing multiple OPC Servers to be configured into redundant pairs, then seamlessly appear as a single OPC Server to any OPC Client application.
  The System Monitor Device Driver uses the Microsoft Performance Data Helper application interface to provide access to performance information on Processes, Threads and other system components on the user's system. Install KEPServerEX and the System Monitor driver on each System/PC to begin monitoring the performance of your PC from your OPC Client applications, including HMI, SCADA, Historian, MES, ERP, and countless custom applications.
Kepware offers OPC Product Training Courses, taught both here in Maine, or can be arranged at your site. We offer detailed hands on training and support and classes can be customized for your needs. Contact us to schedule.
Kepware's License Service Agreement delivers both Technical Support and Product Updates as an optional purchase with a product sale. The License Service Agreement begins after the initial 90 day warranty period.

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