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Westermo - Industrial Data Communication Solutions

Westermo is a world leading supplier of industrial data communications products. They manufacture a wide range of industrial Ethernet switches, Ethernet extenders, 3G/4G/HSDPA modems, PSTN modems and Serial RS-232/422/485 converters. They also offer as part of their product profile an extensive range of fiber optic solutions that work in conjunction with their Industrial Ethernet products.

Their leading product group is in the industrial Ethernet arena, supplying basic Unmanaged Ethernet Switches, Managed Ethernet Switches, Industrial Ethernet Extenders, Industrial Routing Switches and Serial to Ethernet Converters. With their complete range of high temperature rated industrial devices, Ethernet can be run or converted to serial, fiber, 3G HSDPA, WIFI and SHDSL with their Wolverine Ethernet Extenders.  

Serial RS-232/422/485 has been a driving force behind modern industrial data communication. They provide a large variety of Serial R-232/422/485 Converters, Repeaters and Isolators for harsh environmental conditions.

At Westermo, when your application requires reliability without question, regardless of the environment, they have your industrial networking needs covered.

Discover what makes Westermo different from all other Industrial Communication providers...

  January 2016

WeOS version 4.20.0 firmware is available for the Falcon, Lynx, Red Fox, Viper and Wolverine

WeOS 4.20.0 is now available for download. In this release you will find news and updates relating to security updates.

More information pertaining to the most current version of WeOS can be found through the Westermo Management Guide and our WeOS web page.

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Ethernet in industrial environments must be very reliable as downtime is much less tolerable in the factory than the office. Harsh environments with electrical noise and vibrations requires equipment of very high quality.

Westermo offers an extensive Industrial Ethernet product offering, comprising Layer 2 and Layer 3 Ethernet switches and routers, SHDSL Ethernet Extenders and IP65 Ethernet. Westermo offers a comprehensive selection of SFP transceiver options for expanded data transmission.

What sets Westermo's Ethernet solutions apart is WeOS, Westermo's own operating system platform for its products. ESI provides all documentation and firmware relevant to each product.

Media Converters offering a conversion from one platform to another. Specifically, serial to Ethernet and Ethernet to Fiber.
Fibre optic modems are often used in data communication systems to bridge long distances at high data rates. Fibre optic systems are particularly immune to electromagnetic interference and therefore very suitable for harsh industrial environments. Westermo products can transmit data at up to 12 Mbit/s over distances up to 80 km depending on the fiber type.

Westermo offers point to point and multidrop / ring mode Fiber modems with Profibus capabilities, RS232 capabilities and RS485 capabilities. These fiber modems are now configurable with a conprehensive selection of SFP modules for extended transmission distances and various transmission options.

Westermo Modems are designed for industrial applications, which means that there are functions built in to them that are especially useful in industrial systems like for instance PLC connection mode and DIP switch settings. The Westermo products have a watchdog function and are galvanically isolated to give reliable communication in harsh environments.
The Westermo Wireless products are designed to very high standards to make them incredibly reliable. Modems in the 900 Mhz band are availible for the US market.

Their design allows them to be used in place of copper connections for serial data transfer, on a point to point or multidrop basis, ideal when cabling will be difficult.

The majority of Westermo's wireless products are not licensed for use in the North America. If you are outside of North America and are considering a wireless Westermo product, ESI can provide this product to your country, so long as there is a wireless provider.

ESI has access to Westermo's entire product line. Therefore, if you don't see it on-line or in our store, ask.
Networking Solutions for Infrastructure Applications
Westermo provides a full range of data communication solutions for mission critical infrastructure networks. The requirements for data communication products in these applications are vastly different to solutions for IT networks. Hardware reliability is at a premium as maintenance costs can be so high and long service life is expected as the systems have long operational lives. The networking requirement is also very different, older legacy data communication standards need to be integrated with the latest IP routing technology to provide resilient and also secure networks. Westermo’s expertise and product portfolio makes us the ideal partner for providing these solutions.
Westermo Delivers Robust Industrial Networks
The traditional Westermo values of robustness and reliability in hardware design are now complemented by the WeOS network software solution. Over the last few years, Westermo has worked to develop this market leading software solution that operates on a range of Westermo’s most robust hardware platforms.
  • Robustness - Westermo hardware is designed and externally verified to work in the harshest industrial environments over a long service life.
  • Cyber Security - With virtually every network today somehow connected to the Internet, WeOS can deliver firewall functionality to every port on the network.
  • Resilience - Westermo networks are mission critical and designed to operate even when there are media or power failures on parts of the system.
  • Multimedia Support - Fiber, UTP, RS-232, RS-485, VDSL2, ADSL and any twisted pair cable are all supported within the WeOS family of products.
  • Network Application Support - Industrial protocols come in many different formats; however, Westermo’s expertise and WeOS legacy serial support allows simple migration to IP technology.
  • Production Quality - All WeOS products are manufactured at Westermo's own facility in Sweden to the highest quality standards.
Ethernet on Trains
Ethernet has been proven in many industries to be a very effective technology for providing data communications backbones. Ethernet switches featuring a range of networking protocols are now being used to build these networks on trains, allowing a state of the art TCS (train control system) to manage every aspect of the train operation.

The onboard rail environment is one of the toughest imaginable for any electronic devices. An Ethernet switch which is going to be used in a network on a train has to exceed the tough EN50155 standard which covers a wide range of environmental requirements and ensures that equipment can survive the rigours of operation on a train.

Industrial Fiber Connectivity Made Easy
There is a clear trend that the number of fiber nodes increases in the global market. Characteristics such as immunity to electromagnetic radiation and the ability to connect devices over large geographic areas, high data transfer rates and fast reconfiguration times in ring network makes fiber solutions particularly attractive in the industrial market.

Westermo has developed a fiber concept based on the specific requirements of the industrial market. This means that the equipment is designed for harsh industrial environments and with the ability to create easy maintained and flexible network solutions tailored to the circumstances of industrial applications.

Our range of fiber products include unmanaged and managed switches, switches with routing capability, device servers, media converters and fibre optic modems. For added flexibility, we offer a wide range fiber optic transceivers that are compatible with all Westermo products with SFP interface.

Extend Your Network Beyond the Normal Limits of Ethernet
The Wolverine series consists of five units with one thing in common – the ability to allow you to ignore the conventional Ethernet boundaries for copper cable. By design, a standard Ethernet network has a transmission limit of 100 metres (328 ft) over UTP copper cables, the Wolverine allows you to go much further and on many other kinds of cable.

The Wolverine series utilises SHDSL technology on twisted pair cables to establish a high-speed remote connection between two Ethernet Networks. Instead of needing to install fibre or radio links, the SHDSL technology can provide a cost-effective solution by using existing cables. Data rates up to 15.3 Mbit/s and an operating distance of up to 15 kilometres (9.3 miles) at lower data rates can be achieved.

WeOS can deliver unique IP security functionality for this class of product e.g. a multiport DMZ can be constructed by utilizing the internal port based firewall function. Remote secure access to a network can be provided using encrypted VPNs. For resilience, a ring of Wolverines can be created using the FRNT protocol, or by using OSPF, the Wolverine can form part of an enterprise network.

Robust Secure Legacy Connectivity
The use of serial protocols is being rapidly replaced by more modern IP based solutions even in industrial applications. Benefits of IP based networks have become clearer; interoperability between devices, the possibility of using a common cable structures and simplified management and control through modern computer software are indisputable argument in comparison to legacy systems.

There are however a vast amount of legacy systems still in use, which are fully functioning and gets the job done. In some industries, the expected service life of assets can be as high as 40 years. With long investment cycles you might be exposed to risk obsolescence and associated cost of maintaining obsolete technology, or at worst, stopped production as a result.

The Robust Secure Legacy Connectivity concept makes it easy to preserve the value of your investments for many years to come. Our solution let you migrate smoothly from the use of legacy serial protocols to a future proof IP-based system without disrupting a working system.  

Focusing on the Details
Westermo’s ambition is to maintain return ratios below 0.25% and to be able to deliver over 98% of orders on time. To ensure the highest quality, Westermo has its own state of the art industrial electronics manufacturing facility in Sweden working to the IPC-A-610 standard.

To maximise the reliability of our products testing is carried out at many stages of the manufacturing process. Solder Paste Inspection, Automated Optical Inspection and X-ray examination are all carried out during manufacture followed by PCB testing and finally burn in testing to guarantee that Westermo products are ready for a long operational life in some of the toughest environments on the planet

Westermo operates a quality assurance system complying with ISO-9001:2008 verified by DNV.

Galvanic Isolation
Galvanic isolation is the principle of isolating functional sections of electric systems so that charge-carrying particles cannot move from one section to another, i.e. there is no electric current flowing directly from one section to the next. Energy and/or information can still be exchanged between the sections by other means, however, such as by capacitance, induction, electromagnetic waves, optical, acoustic, or mechanical means.

Galvanic isolation is used in situations where two or more electric circuits must communicate, but their grounds may be at different potentials. It is an effective method of breaking ground loops by preventing unwanted current from travelling between two units sharing a ground conductor. Galvanic isolation is also used for safety considerations, preventing accidental current from reaching the ground (the building floor) through a person's body. (Source = Wikipedia)

The answer to this question ultimately answers the next question, why would I need galvanic isolation. It would be similar to having anti-lock brakes on your vehicle. You may never use them, but when you need them, they are there. This is the same with galvanic isolation. You may never use it, but it is there if you ever need it.


Industries Served

Westermo provides a full range of data communication solutions for such demanding applications as railways, aeronautics, defence, water treatment, substation automation, roads and tunnels. The staff at Westermo can provide the highest levels of service and technical support to help our customers to choose, configure and install the best solution for each specific application requirement. Our knowledge goes far beyond our own product range; we have a unique competence regarding your environment whether it is on a train, in an aeroplane, on the seabed or in a substation. The Westermo product line includes more than one thousand different types and versions of modems, switches, routers, and converters.

Building Automation
Over the last ten years Industrial Ethernet has become the standard within automation solutions found in factories, process plants, transportation systems and infrastructure projects. More recently Ethernet has started to be utilised in alarm, CCTV surveillance and building automation systems.

Although standard IT equipment could be used for these types of solution more and more companies are seeing the benefit of using industrial Ethernet equipment for these applications. Although initially the price might be higher in the longer term the cost of using industrial equipment will be lower. Industrial Ethernet equipment is optimised for extreme environmental conditions and is designed for longer life cycles and provides functions like high speed network reconfiguration in the event of cable damage.

Energy (Power & Distribution)
Energy is a fundamental requirement for today’s society. We need Electricity to power our cities and factories. Failure of power supply for even a short period causes chaos and results in significant economic problems.

From generating the electricity from both fossil and renewable sources to distribution to metering of the power data communications is vital. By definition high voltages in cables create electrometric fields that are disruptive to data communications so any networking solution must be designed to operate in these harsh conditions.

Data Communications allow us the control we need to guarantee enough power is generated to meet demand however by creating massive networks we create a risk which must be addressed with adequate cyber security.

Factory Automation
In the world of factory automation Ethernet has rapidly replaced serial communications as the preferred method for communications. All factory automation equipment like PLCs, HMI, I/O blacks, inverters and drives all now have the standard RJ-45 connection.

By definition the factory floor is a tough environment for communications with high voltages often being switched inducing electrical fields and transients in both the power and signal lines.

Reliability and fault free operation are a prerequisite in this market as a company's entire production can be put at risk if a network should fail. Robust Industrial Data Communications is the solution.

Oil & Gas
The energy needs of our planet are escalating by the day and despite the increase in the use of renewable energy sources oil and gas reserves will continue to meet the largest proportion of our energy needs for many years to come.

Complex process control is needed at all stages of extraction, transport, refinement and distribution of fossil fuels. These processes often occur in harsh climatic conditions and with the constant threat of explosion hence any equipment needs to meet tough standards.

Westermo products are designed to cold start down to -40C and can operate with no cooling at an ambient temperature of 70C. We have also had many of our products tested to ensure they meet the standards required for operation in explosive atmospheres.

Transportation (Rail, Road, Offshore)
Westermo have many years' experience in both data communication technologies and railway applications both trackside and onboard the rolling stock. Our real expertise is in developing products that can function in the harshest environments and meeting the toughest approval specifications.

EN 50155 is a special onboard standard for electronic equipment that encompasses not just EMC requirements but also shock, vibration extended temperature range and humidity. The Westermo Viper and RedFox series meets this standard fully and have been designed with the highest MTBF figures to ensure long term field operation.

Westermo is familiar with mission critical applications in many industries and has therefore developed products and techniques that meet the many specific needs of the rail industry. The patented Westermo FRNT protocol allows for the fastest ring recovery in Ethernet networks – 20 ms for a ring with 200 switches. Our Wolverine range is developed around a technology that allows the creation of Ethernet networks on old installed copper cables that can stretch for tens of kilometres along the trackside.

As road traffic volumes increase worldwide new technologies are being used in traffic management systems to increase both traffic flow and safety. Reliable data communications are vital to keep our ever increasingly busy world moving.

Water & Wastewater
Clean water is a fundamental requirement for today’s society. We expect to turn a tap and have clean drinkable water available for our every need. In our massive modern cities our waste water must be dealt with quickly and efficiently to prevent disease and protect the environment.

Modern Water treatment plants must operate flawlessly 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. For this reason these plants now use resilient Ethernet networks as a backbone for communication around a site. Integration of legacy devices into this IP backbone is often a necessity and more importantly remote network access is needed for monitoring purposes.

With the need for remote access via internet connection comes the need for cyber security to ensure the network cannot be interfered with either accidently or on purpose. The modern Water treatment plant has a need for robust data communications solutions.


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