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Westermo Accessories


The following SFP options are available for the RedFox and Lynx+ Industrial Ethernet Managed Swithces, Routers and new ODW Fiber Modems. These options enable the expansion / mixing of different types of Ethernet connections in one solution. In addition to the above products, there are now SFP plug-ins for certain i-Line Ethernet products.

Add additional Ethernet ports, whether standard 10/100 or Gigabit 1000 or Fiber.

Extend the range of your Ethernet up to 120 km in distance.

(Note: Not all options are listed below, but are available upon request. Please consult data sheet for additional configurations)

Westermo SFP Transceivers Data Sheet

SFP Options
Part Number Description List Price (1 pc) Purchase
MLC2 Multimode, LC, 2km $84.00
SLC20 Singlemode LC connector - 20 km, 1310 nm $209.00
SLC40 Singlemode LC connector - 40 km, 1310 nm $335.00
SLC80 Singlemode LC connector - 80 km, 1550 nm $971.00
SLC120 Singlemode LC connector - 120 km, 1550 nm $1,536.00
TX100 10 / 100 Mbit copper transceiver RJ-45, 100 m $231.00
SLC20-BiDi-A Singlemode - BiDi, 20 km, 1310 nm TX, 1550 nm RX $405.00
SLC20-BiDi-B Singlemode - BiDi, 20 km, 1550 nm TX, 1310 nm RX $405.00
SLC40-BiDi-A Singlemode - BiDi, 40 km, 1310 nm TX, 1550 nm RX $544.00
SLC40-BiDi-B Singlemode - BiDi, 40 km, 1550 nm TX, 1310 nm RX $544.00
SLC80-BiDi-A Singlemode - BiDi, 80 km, 1310 nm TX, 1550 nm RX $1,034.00
SLC80-BiDi-B Singlemode - BiDi, 80 km, 1550 nm TX, 1310 nm RX $1,034.00
SLC120-BiDi-A Singlemode - BiDi, 120 km, 1310 nm TX, 1550 nm RX $1,606.00
SLC120-BiDi-B Singlemode - BiDi, 120 km, 1550 nm TX, 1310 nm RX $1,606.00
GTX100 Gbit copper transceiver RJ-45 0-70C $244.00
GLMC550-SX Multimode, LC connector, 550m, 850 nm, SX $174.00
GLMC2-SX+ Multimode, LC connector, 2km, 1310 nm, SX+ $269.00
GSLC10-LX Singlemode LC connector - 10 km, 1310 nm, LX $342.00
GSLC50-XD Singlemode LC connector - 50 km, 1550 nm, XD $990.00
 Contact ESI to assist in specifying product and for quantity pricing. (Other configurations are available)

Other Westermo Products Available through ESI

Westermo offers other products that can be purchased through ESI that are not be listed on our web site. Below is a table of model numbers for other Westermo products.

EDW-100 FD-10 A FD-10 N FD-10 P FD-40 B IDW-90 LA-10
LD-01 LD-02 LD-34 LD-63 LD-64 LR-01 LR-11
MA-12 MA-19 MA-21 MA-29 MA-45 MA-47 MA-49
MD-12 MD-21 MD-45 MD-52 R208 RD48 T208
TD-23 TD-29 TD-36 TR36 U208 LRW102 LRW112
MR-210 (replacing MR-200) MR-260 (replacing MR-250) MR-270 DR-260 (replacing DR-250) i-Line series Switches    

To learn more, or to purchase, Contact ESI

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