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About Eternity Sales Inc.

Eternity Sales was established as a new company but was old entity. Formerly Entertron Industries Inc., a manufacturer of embedded programmable logic controllers, it sold the name and its current products to one of its customers, who has reincorporated under the Entertron Industries name and is performing business as usual for its customers.

So, there was a company with no name and some legacy products.

The business plan that materialize would be one that utilized the many connections developed over the 30+ years in existance as Entertron Industries. What transpired was a transformation of a company that once acted primarily as a manufacturer into a company that is an authorized distributor / reseller.

The companies that ESI represents are a result of relationships developed over its existence. These companies that have agreed to partner with ESI are some of the finest companies I have had the priviledge to be associated with.

In addition to our distribution functions, part of the business model for ESI is to take advantage of the vast knowledge obtained within the automation field, specifically programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and the many connections made with other companies. Equipped with these tools we are going to address the needs of companies that must operate and survive with less internal resources. Therefore, we will be offering services relating to design and manufacturing needs.

With the combination of companies available to us, we convey a synergistic view, whereby each company's product, when combined, offer our customers a greater value than if they bought a single product. This mindset is identified as synergy and is further explained through our web site. We market these products through our web site and offer direct sale through our online store.

As a result of the sale of Entertron physical assets, ESI established a sales office in South Portland, Maine. ESI will remain a New York State Corporation. The move was a personal move and related to another aspect of my life, the establishment of a Messianic Jewish Synagogue in South Portland, Maine. With no phyiscal assets anchoring the company, operations can be done from any location.


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