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EJ-88 L-Bar Sealer Control

The EJ-88 (previously EJ-79) is a dedicated design for L-Bar sealers, used within the packaging industry and used by various manufacturers since 1979. There are over 7000 installed machines that utilize this board. ESI is your source for replacement units.

Below is a list of manufacturers that have used the EJ-88 on either their Semi-Automatic L-Bar Sealers or Combination Semi Automatic L-Bar Sealers / Shrink Tunnels and the models / series of machine that may apply.



Allied Automation (Now Audion Automation) Sergeant Models (including the Combos)
Clamco 120 Series; 770 Series; 5000 series
Damark Packaging (Now Plexpack) MP Series Combo; LS1/LS2 Combo; SM/SMC/SMCP;
Saturn Packaging Gamma Series; Beta Series; Delta Series; Alpha Series; StarPak Series
Wrap-O-Matic ???

If an EJ-88 or EJ-79 is currently installed, replacement is simple in that the terminals are pluggable and should require no additional wiring. Simply unplug and swap boards, and you should be up and running. If the Entertron unit is not installed then it may be possible to replace the existing controller with our product. Prior to ordering please review wiring diagram link (provided below), to determine if the capabilities that exist in your machine are compatible with the features offered in the EJ-88.

The above wiring diagram link will provide you information regarding the terminal connections.

Ordering Information

Part Number Description List Price ESI Price Purchase
EJ-88-RV Relay Version - Used primarily by Allied Automation $335.00 $310.00
EJ-88-TV Triac Version $335.00 $310.00
Wiring Diagram

Contact us with your controller manufacturer model and we will provide you with a replacement.

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