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First manufactured in 1985, the SK1600R continued in the same manner as the SK1600, a small programmable logic controllers (PLCs), but configured with form C relays. Ultimately, two versions of the controller would be available...The SK1600-R2 and SK1600-R3. With over 8000 of these units installed since 1985, ESI is your source for replacement units.


Features Included:
  • AC or DC Power
  • 16 DC Inputs expandible to 32
  • 12 Form C Relay Outputs expandible to 24
  • Built in power supply for inputs
  • Pluggable Terminal Blocks
Part Number Description Unit Price Purchase
16R2-88 SK1600R-2 - 8 DC inputs / 8 Relay outputs $725.00
16R2-1612 SK1600R-2 - 16 DC inputs / 12 Relay outputs $895.00
16R3-1612 SK1600R-3 - 16 DC inputs / 12 Relay outputs $925.00
16R2-3224 SK1600R-2 32 DC inputs / 24 Relay outputs $1,195.00
16R3-3224 SK1600R-3 32 DC inputs / 24 Relay outputs $1,295.00
Contact ESI with serial number to verify installed configuration. Discounts available through ESI Store
Controller Options listed on store
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Contact us with your controller serial number and we will be able to tell you exactly what you have and ultimately provide you with a replacement.

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