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VRC-G2 Vehicle Restraint Control

The VRC-G2 was originally designed by Entertron and is now sold by ESI. Product can be purchased exclusively through Pro Dock and Door of Mississauga, Ontario. Their telephone number is 888-676-1117.

Extensive testing was performed on the VRC-G2. In excess of 40,000 1 minute cycles were performed. The testing done, was the equivalent of 16 years of flawless performance. During the testing phase two actuators wore out, but the VRC-G2 continued to operate.

Pro Door and Dock is ESI's exclusive supplier, offering an alternative to Serco for replacement of their PDC control board - 637-112. They can be contacted through the following link -


Item VRC-G2
Power 24 VAC direct to board

120 VAC to 24 VAC step down Transformer

240 VAC to 24 VAC step down Transformer

Inputs 6 @ 24 VDC - board powered
Outputs 5 relays @ 2 amps (24 VAC board powered)

2 relays @ 15 amps (24 VAC board powered)

TC Registers 24
Internal Relays 149
Memory Type EPROM (socketed)
UL Certification Recognized component under standard 508
Fusing 2 @ 2 amp fuses
Dimensions 5" x 7" x 2"
Mounting 4 Screws (4-40" provided with VRC-G2)
Terminal Blocks Pluggable
Warranty 1 year

Wiring / Function Legend

Board Label Input / Output Terminal Function (Pre-programmed)
In 1 (1) Input 1 R1 Proximity Sensor for Restraint Lowered
In 2 (2) Input 2 R2 Proximity Sensor for Restraint Raised
In 3 (4) Input 3 R4 Proximity Sensor for ICC Bar Engaged
In 4 (LO) Input 4 LO Panel Push Button - Restraint Override
In 5 (R) Input 5 R Panel Push Button - Restraint Engage
In 6 (L) Input 6 L Panel Push Button - Restraint Release
C (RC) C RC Board Common
RPL (R) Output 1 IR Red Light on Panel Face
APL (A) Output 2 IA Amber Light on Panel Face
GPL (G) Output 3 IG Green Light on Panel Face
IL (8 & 9) Output 4 R8 Outside light - Green (Output on)
IL (8 & 9) Output 4 R9 Outside light - Red (Output off)
S1 (T1 & T2) Output 5 T1 & T2 Actuator forward engaged
T1 (T1 & T2) Output 6 T1 & T2 Actuator reverse disengaged
(S1 & S2)   S1 & S2 Auxiliary Power
(7)   R7 Ground
(13 & 14)   R13 & R14 Leveler Interlock (tied to output 4)
(F1 & F2)   A & B Flasher
(N/C)     No Connection

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
VRC-G2 VRC-G2 Vehicle restraint controller

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