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Oil & Gas Industry



ESI offers products, that when used with each other, offer greater advantages than if you were to purchase only what you require.

The oil and gas industry environment offers extreme conditions and challenging operating environments. A robust and reliable solution is not a luxury or convenience, but a necessity. Hardware and software must be extremely reliable in such harsh conditions, that the selection of these components shouldn't be taken lightly.

The hardware needs to be reliable and able to withstand harsh environments, rated to operate in potentially explosive conditions. Westermo offers products that meet these demanding requirements. Their Lynx, Redfox and Wolverine Ethernet products have received IECEx recognition. IECEx is an internationally recognized approval. The objective of the IECEx System is to facilitate international trade in equipment and services for use in explosive atmospheres, while maintaining the required level of safety. ESI provides a list of products and agency approvals for Westermo's products - link. Westermo offers additional products with ATEX approval for Europe and Class 1 Div 2 for North America (to be updated).

Application Article - Oil & Gas (1.54MB pdf)

In addition to Ethernet Switches and Routers, ESI also distributes the following products that are also IECEx certified:

Once the hardware is selected, the next step is connecting the various devices to your network. This is where Kepware's KepserverEX comes in. Kepware offers a suite of drivers specifically addressing the Oil and Gas industry. The Oil and Gas Server Suite currently comprises 15 different communications drivers, with plans in future releases to add more.

ABB Totalflow
Bristol I/P
Custom Interface Driver - CID
Enron ModBus (new)
Fisher ROC Serial
Fisher ROC Plus
Lufkin ModBus
ModBus Ethernet
ModBus RTU Serial
Omni Flow Computer (new)
Weatherford 8500
WITS Level 0 Active (new)
WITS Level 0 Passive (new)

The cost of all those drivers, purchased separately exceeds $20,000. When purchasing the Oil and Gas Connectivity Suite, your purchase price is less than 30% of the cost of all the drivers if purchased separately. This is an enormous savings, thus enabling you to invest in further improving the functionality of your application. The latest version of KepserverEX can be downloaded from our web site. This version is a fully functional version with a 2 hour run restriction. When you purchase a license that incorporates all of the items you will require, this restriction is removed. Download software.

If KepserverEX were only about communications drivers your application objective of connectivity would be accomplished. However, KepserverEX isn't only about drivers, but also deals with other aspects, such as device management. KepserverEX offers an SNMP suite whereby incorporating MIB tags from your Ethernet hardware (Westermo) enables you to monitor your devices through your Ethernet network. Functionality reserved for your IT department is now available to manufacturing:

  • Import MIB files from manageable devices and easily map network device MIB addresses to SNMP tag names.
  • Network Analyst gathers raw SNMP data from network devices and continually performs calculations to generate data that can be used, such as bandwidth utilization and network error rate statistics.
  • Save time by using the Auto-Discovery tool to search your Ethernet network for managed network devices.
  • The SNMP OPC Server provides convenient "Specialty tags" to help users know more than the current value of a single polled OID. The tags include: History tags, Events tags, Table Offsets, and ScanFloor tags.
  • Historical values are generated by the SNMP OPC Server (not the remote Agent/device) when an OID has valid historical modifiers appended to it.
  • The Ping Device Driver is provided for monitoring your network devices via the ICMP protocol (Ping). The Ping driver was designed specifically for use with 32 bit OPC Server products. The Ping driver provides the ability to monitor the Status of a network device, and the time that it takes for the ICMP message to reach its destination and return a response, the RoundTripTime.
  • MIB Support for managed switches and Ping for unmanaged switches.

Further enhancements to your application are available through KepserverEX plug-ins.

One such plug-in that the Oil and Gas industry should take notice is the EFM Exporter. EFM stands for Electronic Flow Measurement. Incorporated as a plug-in for KepserverEX, it enables for the connection of various flow computer protocols to schedule the retrieval and export of EFM data to common industry formats like Flow-Cal and PGAS, as well as custom formats like CSV. The EFM Exporter suite includes protocols for the following:

  • ABB Totalflow
  • Enron Modbus
  • Fisher ROC and ROC+
  • Omni Flow Computer
  • When you combine the EFM Exporter and SNMP with the Westermo line of industrial Ethernet switches and routers, you are creating an extremely powerful and functional network that is idealy suited for the most demanding of oil and gas applications.

    Do you have a data base for which you are needing to send information? KepserverEX is your solution for that as well.

    Need redundancy? Kepware is your solution for that as well:

    Now that both hardware and software connectivity have been addressed, you can consider the front end for viewing your devices and information generated. ESI offers a product through Kessler Ellis Products called Infilink, an HMI/SCADA software solution.

    You can download the software directly from ESI's web site - link. The download includes the development software and fully function software package that is restricted by a 1 hour run time.. You only pay for the software when you are ready to purchase the run license, eliminating the 1 hour run license and you are ready to deploy your application.

    Through ESI and the companies it represents, we have demonstrated that a robust and reliable application is within your reach. Through our experience in combination with the industry knowledge and support provide by the companies we represent, ESI is confident in addressing the most challenging of requirements in the Oil and Gas industry.

    This is but one industry example. Challenge ESI to come up with a solution for the industry you work in. A solution is possible, that will garner synergies in any industry.


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