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Engineered Synergistic Interoperability


ESI offers products, that when used with each other, offer greater advantages than if you were to purchase only what you require.

For example you can purchase one of the Westermo Industrial Ethernet Switches. The purchase will likely satisfy your requirement, but can you do more???

When you combine Kepware's KepserverEX iSNMP OPC Server with Westermo's Industrial Ethernet Switches, your capabilities and functionality expand beyond your intended purchase.

Westermo Ethernet Switches & Routers with MIB Support

Westermo Unmangaged Ethernet Switches

iSNMP OPC Driver
MIB Support for managed switches and Ping for unmanaged switches.
Learn More About Westermo Ethernet   Learn More About KepserverEX with iSNMP OPC Driver
Manage your Industrial Ethernet Network with your own tools, designed specifically for the manufacturing environment:
  • Import MIB files from manageable devices and easily map network device MIB addresses to SNMP tag names.
  • Network Analyst gathers raw SNMP data from network devices and continually performs calculations to generate data that can be used, such as bandwidth utilization and network error rate statistics.
  • Save time by using the Auto-Discovery tool to search your Ethernet network for managed network devices.
  • The SNMP OPC Server provides convenient "Specialty tags" to help users know more than the current value of a single polled OID. The tags include: History tags, Events tags, Table Offsets, and ScanFloor tags.
  • Historical values are generated by the SNMP OPC Server (not the remote Agent/device) when an OID has valid historical modifiers appended to it.
  • The Ping Device Driver is provided for monitoring your network devices via the ICMP protocol (Ping). The Ping driver was designed specifically for use with 32 bit OPC Server products. The Ping driver provides the ability to monitor the Status of a network device, and the time that it takes for the ICMP message to reach its destination and return a response, the RoundTripTime.
What only was available through the IT department is now accessible to manufacturing.

Your own tools for your own equipment enabling you to make your own decisions when maintaining your own equipment.


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