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Engineered Synergistic Interoperability

Synergy Road Map through Eternity Sales

The symbol above represents synergy. When a different resources are combined and work together providing efficiencies greater than the resources deployed, that is synergy. Eternity Sales Inc. uses this method of thinking when identifying products and manufacturers that can and will further enhance our core product offering. Below is a road map of the vendors, core products they offer and how they work in conjunction with each other.

In order to know where you are going, a road map is required. A dated term considering we have GPS and online maps, but they are still maps that help us get to where we are going. No different in the world of industrial technology. The world outside is becoming more connected and therefore smaller. Likewise, the industrial world is connecting departments that previously never communicated. This connectivity is creating new opportunities. The wealth of data that is on the factory floor is enormous and previously untapped. With access to this information opens the door for companies to make more informed decisions, improving efficiencies, ultimately leading to stronger financially secure companies.

Our primary focus has transformed to the transmission of data, with our primary vendors being Westermo and their robust and reliable industrial communications products. One such product to consider is the Red Fox Industrial Ethernet Router that includes firewall protection and WeConfig management software. A synergistic solution on its own. Other manufacturer's solutions are sold separately, thus making the cost much greater. Combine the Red Fox with KepserverEX and you have created an extremely safe and reliable network for transmission of one of your most valuable assets, information. A powerful tool within Kepware's toolbox is their iSNMP driver. Simplified Network Management Protocol (SNMP) uses the Management Information Base (MIB) feature from the device and provides continuous management of the Ethernet network. Depending on your needs, Kepware also offers 10 extremely powerful plug-in products to further enhance an already powerful product.

As a potential part of the network, we also offer the following...

  • Ethernet enabled embedded PLCs from Triangle Research. Incorporating Ethernet at the PLC level offers an alternative to RS232 and RS485 connections that are limited when communicating with multiple controls. Ethernet enables a more powerful networking scheme through the utilization of switches and routers. In this age of generating data from the vast reaches of your network, Triangle Research even offers an Ethernet product with only a few analog and digital I/O, making it cost effective for even the smallest amount of data - the Nano-10

  • In addition to Westermo's industrial Ethernet, they also offer products that communicate via Fiber, for longer distances and a more reliable connection in harsh environments.

When we say we can address both ends of your network, we aren't kidding. With the products we offer, we can go from the extreme edge of obtaining your data, transmitting it safely, not just to your SCADA network, but even up your corporate network. Once considered two separate networks that needed to remain separate, the security of the products we represent now make the bridge of these networks a possibility given the push in obtaining all data possible.

How can you, your company, your customers, your vendors benefit from synergy?

One thing about synergy and the products we offer is that there isn't just one way to do something. Flexibility is another dynamic and benefit of synergy that receives little attention. For example, you can establish your network connection through the controller Ethernet port or the touch screen Ethernet port. You can have one touch screen and multiple controls or vise versa (one control and multiple touch screens).

It is all about the tools in the tool box that enable flexibility.

We have created additional "Synergy Pages" for specific industries that convey the benefits of these products when used in conjunction with one another.

Feel free to contact us to see how synergy can benefit you.



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