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Nano-10 Micro Embedded Ethernet PLC

The Nano-10 has only 10 I/Os, but is a full-function programmable logic controller with many of the features found only in bigger and much more expensive PLCs.

Measuring only 3.3" by 2.8" and weighing in at 2.6 oz, this nano class controller packs a big punch and stands out with its built-in Ethernet port which supports MODBUS TCP/IP Server and Client connections. In addition, an RS485 connection which supports native host link commands protocol as well as MODBUS RTU and MODBUS ASCII, makes it possible not only to communicate with other Triangle Research PLCs, but also other makes of PLCs and a whole range of other devices that support the same industry standards.

Designed to be internet-savvy, the Nano-10 allows machine OEMs and integrators to easily create a web page that allows them to control their equipment remotely without having to write a single line of Internet program. This is cleverly done by simply defining a background image and modifying a few variables that define the I/O labels and their locations on a browser screen.

Programming of the Nano-10 is done using the highly acclaimed i-Trilogi “Ladder+BASIC” language. The PLC has 4 digital inputs which support high speed counter and interrupt functions. The 4 digital outputs (2 of which are voltage-free relays) are capable of supplying 2 channels of PWM current, or of controlling pulse and direction for a stepper motor. Other features of this PLC include a fast CPU processing speed of 4s per step, counters/internal relays/sequencers, PID computation engine and real time clock (an optional FRAM-RTC module provides non-volatile Ferromagnetic RAM memory for data storage and a battery-backup Real-Time Clock).

The low price of the Nano-10 brings a whole new level of PLC sophistication to smaller and lower end automated machines. The Nano-10 is ideal in applications which require a small I/O count but which have the same demand for capabilities and networking as larger and more complex systems.

Features Include:
  • Digital Inputs: 4 @ 24 VDC (NPN)
  • Digital Outputs: 4 ( 2 @ 5 amp relay, 2 @ 4 amp NPN (Peak Current)
  • Analog Inputs: 2 @ 0-5 VDC (12 Bit Resolution)
  • 2 x PWM 4 amp @24VDC (continuous frequencies, 0.1% duty cycle resolution)
  • Stepper Motor Control - 1 x stepper motor control pulse/direction outputs (2 D/Os per stepper output)
  • High Speed Counter: 2 @ 10 KHz
  • 1 - RS485 port (2 wire)
  • 1 - Ethernet Port
  • Program Flash Memory: 8K words. Expandable to 16K
  • Non-Volatile Memory: 11K words with FRAM-RTC Option
  • Dimensions: 3.34"x 2.84"x 0.75”
  • Operating Temperature: 0-70C
Part Number Description List Price (1 pc) Purchase
Nano-10 Nano-10 Embedded PLC - 4 in / 4 out, 2 analog inputs, RS485, Ethernet $149.00
ISTK-Nano-10 Nano-10 Starter Kit (Controller, iTrilogi Programming Software, USB to RS485 Converter, U-485 Driver $249.00
FRAM-RTC-256 Memory Expansion - up to 16K / RTC (r77 firmware or higher) $55.00
I2C-FRTC I2C Memory Expansion / RTC (r77 firmware or higher) $59.00
DINKIT-1B Din Rail Kit for Nano-10 $14.00
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