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Triangle Research

Triangle Research International Inc (TRi Inc), incorporated in Delaware, USA in 2000 and Canada in 2004, has its headquarters in British Columbia.  TRi Inc is responsible for the direct sales, distribution and support of TRi Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Trilogi/iTrilogi programming software in all of North America. 

TRi Inc’s roots were found in Triangle Research International Pte Ltd (TRi), a company that started up in 1993 in Singapore, the gateway to manufacturing in Asia and the centre for regional manufacturing automation in the 80s and 90s. Staying true to its mission since its early days, TRi Inc had always been specialists in open-case, single-board programmable controllers that are reliable, advanced, easy to program and spec’d to the needs and competitive pricing requirements of the Automation OEMs world. Meeting the expectations of such a demanding market, it’s no wonder that TRi PLCs are just as popular with systems integrators in many industries as well as schools and training colleges throughout North America.

TRiLOGI is a Relay-Ladder Logic learning tool with a built-in real-time on-screen simulator. With TRiLOGI’s simulator, anyone could write ladder programs and immediately test them off a PC. Today, TRiLOGI is already a standard ladder-logic program learning tool used by many technical institutions in several countries including USA, Canada and SE Asia. In fact, we have received many valuable customer comments that programming with TRiLOGI dramatically reduces programming time required for a project compared to programming with other PLC’s programming tool.

What can you do with an embedded PLC from Triangle Research?

ESI offers the following products from Triangle Research:

  Nano-10 FMD88-10 FMD1616-10 Fx-1616-BA Fx2424
Digital Input 4
(24V npn)
(24V npn)
(24V, npn)
(24VAC, 24VDC
 (24V npn)
Digital Output
        Peak. Current
4A (NPN) x 2 
5A (Relay) x 2
1A (NPN) x 6
 4A (NPN) x 2
1A (NPN) x 16
8A (NPN) x 4
5A (Relay) x 12
8A (NPN) x 12
1A (NPN) x 12
Digital I/O Expansion - Up to 120  DI,  120 DO Up to 128  DI,  128 DO Up to 128 DI, 128 DO Up to 128 DI, 128 DO
Analog I/O
        A.I. Interface
        A.O. Interface
8 (0 to 5V, 12-bit)
2 (0-5V or 0-10V)
8 (0 to 5V, 12-bit)
2 (0-5V or 0-10V)
8 (0 to 10V, 12-bit)
4 (0 to 10V, 12-bit)
8 (0 to 5V, 12-bit)
4 (0 to 5V, 12-bit)
PWM (current) 4 (4A) 4 (1A x 2, 4A x 2) 4 (1A) 4 (4A) 4 (4A)
Stepper Motor Controller 1 (10,000pps) 3  (10,000 pps) 3  (10,000 pps) 2  (10,000 pps) 3 (10,000 pps)
Stepper Motor Drivers - - - 1 (unipolar) 3 (unipolar)
High Speed Counter 2 (10 KHz) 2  (10 KHz) 2  (10 KHz) 3  (4 KHz) 3  (10 KHz)
RS232 ports - 1 1 1 1
RS485 port (2-wire) 1 1 1 2 2
14-pin LCD port - 1 1 1 1
Ethernet Port 1 1 1 1 1
IR Remote Control - - - 1 1
Light Dimmer control - - - 4 12
Program Flash Memory 8K words,
Expandable to 16K
8K words
Expandable to 16K
8K words
Expandable to 16K
23.5K words 23.5K words
32-bit Integer math Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Floating-point math No No No Yes Yes
Non-volatie FRAM 11K Words with FRAM-RTC Option 11K words with FRAM-
RTC Option
11K words with FRAM-RTC Option 6K words
6K words
Dimension (L x W x H) 3.34"x 2.84"x 0.75&rdquo 4.825&rdquo x 4.45&rdquo x 1.0&rdquo 5.425&rdquo x 4.45&rdquo x 1.0&rdquo 7.05&rdquo x 4.45&rdquo x 1.0&rdquo 7.05&rdquo x 4.45&rdquo x 1.0&rdquo
Operating Temperature 0 to 70C -20 to 85C -20 to 85C 0 to 70C 0 to 70C
Ethernet Enabled PLCs
In the world of "all-in-one" PLCs the inclusion of a standard Ethernet port is still few and far between. Triangle Research took the initiative and made it a standard feature across its product offering. Even the Nano-10 includes a standard Ethernet port enabled with ModBus TCP/IP.

Have you ever considered - What Are The Advantages of an Embedded Ethernet PLC? ESI provides you with some answers to this question.

Below is a comparison of PLCs with a similar I/O count. Based on the other products, we are using the FMD1616-10 as the yard stick by which we will measure other Ethernet enabled PLCs.

Manufacturer Triangle Research Allen Bradley Automation Direct Mitsubishi Modicon Siemens
Model FMD Series Micrologix 850 DL-06 FX3 TSX Micro S7-1200
Part Number (PLC) FMD1616-10 2080-LC50-24QBB D0-06DD1-D FX3GE-24MR/ES TSX3710128DT1 6ES7215-1AG31-0XB0
Digital I/O Configuration 16 / 16 14 / 10 20 / 16 14 / 10 16 / 12 14 / 10
Analog I/O Configuration 8 in / 2 out Option via Expansion Option via Expansion 2 in / 1 out Option via Expansion 2 in / 2 out
Ethernet Port Standard Standard Option via Expansion Standard Option via Expansion Standard
Ethernet Protocol ModBus TCP/IP Ethernet/IP ModBus TCP/IP TCP/IP ModBus TCP/IP Profinet
List Price $295.00 $715.00** (Estimated) $452.00 (w/Ethernet) $695.00* (Estimated) $940.00** (w/Ethernet) $616.00**
* List price in British Pounds of 450. Conversion rate of 1.25 was used to approximate $562.00
**Pricing obtained from various online web sites. Manufacturers did not publish price on their web site


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