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Industrial Broadband Routers from Westermo

ADSL-350 - The Industrial ADSL Router
Features Include:
  • RS-232 Device Server for legacy equipment
  • 2 Ethernet ports
  • ADSL backwards compatible
  • Made Easy and secure configuration – Web config and CLI
  • Future-proof feature rich software platform – WeOS
  • IP Routing, Firewall, VPN and Cyber Security
  • IPsec VPN, SNMPv3, VLAN
  • DHCP client and server
  • Interoperability with Lynx+, Redfox and Wolverine series
  • True industrial specification
  • Remote access removes boundaries, eliminates the need for time consuming site visits and provides a network infrastructure suitable for today’s “always-on” society. The ADSL-350 is an industrially designed ADSL broadband router built to cope with harsh environments and the characteristics of industrial applications. The unit supports a wide range of ADSL-standards and has support for long lines.

    Most devices today comes equipped with an Ethernet port for communications, therefore the ADSL-350 has a built-in two port Ethernet switch. For legacy connectivity the unit also features one RS-232-port to provide multiple connection possibilities for both new and legacy replacement installations. Designed to be installed on a DIN rail all connectors and LEDs have been positioned in the front of the unit, facing the user for easy access and fast status feedback. With the wide power input range the unit can be powered from 10 to 60 VDC and has low power consumption.

    The cyber security features of the ADSL-350 prevent unauthorized access and secure the communication for Internet-enabled applications. The easy to use firewall filters incoming traffic, allowing only approved packets to pass through. To inter-connect units with each other securely over the Internet multiple VPN technologies are supported, including IPsec and OpenVPN.

    Upgrading legacy solutions to become IP-enabled can prove both costly and tedious therefore the ADSL-350 includes a wide feature set for various legacy applications including both modem replacement methods as well as serial to Ethernet conversion. If there are applications that require extra attention Westermo’s extensive experience from over 35 years within industrial data communications and over 5 years of industrial ADSL expertise will be available to assist you.

    Possible Configuration:
    ADSL-350 - Manual
    ADSL-350 - Data Sheet
    Westermo Connect Users Guide - VPNeFree Service
    Westermo Connect Users Guide - VPNeX Subscription Service
    Management Guide
    WeOS Data Sheet

    Part Number Description List Price Purchase
    ADSL-350 ADSL Router with 2 Ethernet Ports, 1 RS232 port $1,232.00
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